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Multimedia :: essays research papers

     Multimedia, or blended media, frameworks offer introductions that coordinate impacts existing in an assortment of organizations, including text, illustrations, activity, sound, and video. Such introductions originally turned out to be industrially accessible in crude structure in the mid 1980s, because of advances that have been made in advanced pressure innovation - especially the troublesome region of picture pressure. Interactive media online administrations are realistic through phone/PC or TV joins, mixed media equipment and programming exist for PCs, arranges, the web, intuitive stands and interactive media introductions are accessible on CD-ROMs and different mediums. The utilization of mixed media in our general public has it benefits what's more, it’s downsides, most resistant. A portion of the more PC related employments of mixed media, for example, electronic distributing, the web, and PCs in training will be talked about inside and out idea this paper.  â â â â      Electronic distributing is the distributing of material in a PC available medium, for example, on a CD-ROM or on the Internet. From a more extensive perspective of the term it could likewise incorporate paper items distributed with the guide of a work area distributing program, or any type of printing that includes the utilization of a PC.      Reference works opened up in the mid-1980s both in CD-ROM design and on the web. Progressively, during the 1990s, magazines, diaries, books, and papers have opened up in an electronic configuration, and some are showing up in that position as it were. Organizations that distribute specialized manuals to go with their different items have additionally been going to electronic distributing.      Electronic books have been as of late acquainted with the world all in all. This new idea is the utilization of web or in any case PC innovation to electronically convert books to an advanced, comprehensible configuration saw on a TV or PC screen. This would no doubt be finished by filtering in singular pages in a book, orchestrate them in organized style, and have clients have the option to cycle to and fro between the photograph indistinguishable pages. This strategy would be extremely speedy, and simple to achieve that is-checking pages rather than re-composing a large number of words is liked. This brings us to another technique in electronic book creation the intelligent strategy. In computerized group, the book’s pages must be seen, much the same as a book. On the off chance that a peruser would need to take notes from a book, he/she would need to record the notes by hand, or would be compelled to copy the page(s). On the off chance that the book was composed completely as would be finished by an electronic word processor such as Microsoft Word, clients would incredibly profit. The capacity for the PC to perceive the words on the screen as genuine words instead of negligible

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Understanding Organisations and the Role of Human Resources Assignment

Getting Organizations and the Role of Human Resources - Assignment Example This examination will start with the explanation that Human Resource (HR) supervisors assume a pivotal job in the achievement of association. Human Resource Department is considered as the foundation of each association for the viability of the representatives. Associations viability and productivity to a great extent relies upon their HR as they play out a few exercises in regards to advertising, determination alongside enrollment, and numerous other significant undertakings. The job of HR is of essentialness as they go about as an inspiration for the workers and help in holding alongside drawing in new ability for improving the working condition. In this examination, J Sainsbury's plc has been mulled over. Sainsbury’s started its endeavor in the year 1869 and works all inclusive with 161,000 representatives. Sainsbury distinguishes its solid culture just as qualities to be the center component for its prosperity concerning the job of successful HR directors. J Sainsbury plc is a UK based association and is perhaps the biggest retailer in the nation. The association has different zones and portions in which they manage. The organization offers its types of assistance in different perspectives as the organization has the biggest grocery store chain to meet the necessity of the clients. The organization has Sainsbury's comfort stores, online goods office, banks, drug stores, vitality, and portable. Sainsbury’s plc has a huge scope of items so as to fulfill the necessities of the individuals. In the present situation, Sainsbury’s has in excess of 1203 stores, which offers some benefit to the clients.

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New This Week African-American Scientists, A Social Media Account Project

New This Week African-American Scientists, A Social Media Account Project TeacherVision advisory board member, Sara, designed a new project where students will research a notable African-American scientist, and then create a social media account on them based on their findings. This creative assignment supports students to conduct research, think critically and creatively about how to synthesize their findings, and practice meeting deadlines and managing a project with multiple components.   Calling all science and social studies teachers! This week we have a new comprehensive project for your middle and high school students. TeacherVision advisory board member, Sara McCarthy, designed a project where students will research a notable African-American scientist, and then create a social media account on them based on their findings. The resource contains everything that you need to use this project in your classroom. All you need to do is download and print. Find the full resource here.   The Resource Includes the Following Elements: A brief summary of each scientist, including the most notable contribution, date of birth, and nationality Form to include which scientist is assigned to which student Student instruction handout, including checklist of items to include in their completed project Details on the information expected Rubric for assessment Teaching Tip: Provide students with a graphic organizer where they can take notes as they conduct their research. Here is one ready to print and use. Teaching Tip: If you haven't already, teach students best practices for web research so they are able to find accurate and appropriate material for their project. Here is a Student Guide to Web Research, which you can use to get students started.   Teaching Tip: Review the project checklist and the rubric with students when you introduce the assignment. This sets clear expectations for how students work will be evaluated, and helps them understanding what elements they are responsible for completing. Teaching Tip: Determine how you will assign scientists to students before you begin the project. You may want to let students pick, or you might want to assign them yourself. There is also an option to allow students to work in pairs or small groups. What are your favorite projects to teach? Share with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Author Bio: Sara McCarthy has been teaching middle and high school math and science in Nova Scotia, Canada for the past ten years. She has recently started Escape Ed, which produces educational games for math and science classes. Before becoming a teacher, Sara worked in a molecular biology lab where she honed her mad scientist skills. She spends her winter breaks on ski slopes and her summers at the beach. You can find her work on Escape Ed. You can also find her on instagram

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Media Violence And Its Effect On Society - 1184 Words

In recent years, many scholars have begun to examine the negative effects of media violence. There is a debate on whether negative effects directly derive from media violence. Because media violence has been proven to have a negative effect on society, this essay will argue that there needs to be more censorship on media violence. I will first examine the influence media violence has on mass shootings. Next I will discuss a study relating to dating violence, certain movies and shows encourage dating violence. In conclusion, I will suggest that there should be censorship improvement on violent video games and television shows. To begin with, many studies have shown that media violence has an effect on aggression. Aggression can be defined as hostile or violent behavior or attitudes toward another. So aggression can be declared as a negative effect regarding to violence in the media. Barrie Gunter found evidence from several sources. â€Å"These include clinical analyses of the role m edia violence played in triggering deviant behavior; and contrived experiments in field environments in which localized and naturally occurring aggressive behavior is observed before and after media exposure interventions†(1065). The notion is that violent television and video games influences negative behavior on children and adults. For example, terrible acts of mass shootings have been related back to violent video games. Another example would be dating violence, some shows on television depictsShow MoreRelatedEffects Of Media Violence On Society888 Words   |  4 PagesEffects of Media on Society Media violence has numerous negative consequences on youth today to commit criminal acts in the society. Violence in the media will never be stopped as long as the society spends more time on violent movies and video games. Media violence has been tremendously growing and attaining the hazardous extents. Around 60 % of TV shows contain some kind of violence. Most self-involving video games contain some violent matter in it. For example, if you manufacture guns, you doRead MoreMedia Violence Effects on Society1930 Words   |  8 PagesMedia Violence: Effects on society â€Å"Millions of teens have seen the 1996 movie Scream†¦Scream opens with a scene in which a teenage girl is forced to watch her jock boyfriend tortured and then disemboweled by two fellow students who, it will eventually be learned, want revenge on anyone from high school who crossed them. After jock boys stomach is shown cut open and he dies screaming, the killers stab and torture the girl, then cut her throat and hang her body from a tree so that Mom can discoverRead MoreMedia Violence And Its Effects On Society2001 Words   |  9 Pages Media Violence in Current Society Yanan Yu Abstract This article reviews evidence of the media impact on interpersonal violence internationally. Media violence always is a controversial topic. There are several factors that demonstrate this impact: (1) A recognition that electronic media use now dominates most of young people’s time; (2) Evidence demonstrating violent media has multiple harmful effects on children, adolescents, and young adults; (3) The growing impact of media violenceRead MoreThe Effects Of Media Violence On Society1942 Words   |  8 PagesThe modern Australia is constantly exposed to media, and media has made the communication of violence more reachable and easier than ever before. Violence is especially an issue that needs to be looked upon, as many, especially the younger generation, view violence in film, computer games or even news reporting’s and this creates them into believing that violence in okay. A recent 2015 study however, identified an association between exposure to violence in entertai nment and violent behaviour, whichRead MoreMedia Violence and Its Effect on Society1968 Words   |  8 PagesMedia Violence And Its Effect On Society Does entertainment influence societys attitude towards violent behavior? In order to fully answer this question we must first understand what violence is. Violence is the use of ones powers to inflict mental or physical injury upon another; examples of this would be rape or murder. Violence in entertainment reaches the public by way of television, movies, video games, music, and novels. Violent images on television, as well as in the movies, have inspiredRead MoreMedia Violence: Prevalence And Effects On Society . American1869 Words   |  8 PagesMedia Violence: Prevalence and Effects on Society American adolescents spend a major amount of time consuming media, weather that is watching television or a movie, playing a video game, or even scrolling through social media apps. This is a large exposure to the media and its content including the violence presented on so many media platforms. Media has become so standard in everyday life that many people have become addicted to it. The targeted group of this addiction is the children since theyRead More The Effects Of Violence In Media On Society Today Essay2224 Words   |  9 Pages Is societies violence the media’s fault? This is the question that has been asked since before television was in every American’s house. Of course there are the different types of media today ranging from newspapers, to on-line reports and stories. There have been arguments upon arguments about this issue, and over 3,000 studies conducted. Unfortunately there isn’t one single result, there is only an array of supposed answers to this undying question. CBS president, Howard Stringer is pointingRead MoreThe Effects of Violence in Media on Society Today Essay2286 Words   |  10 PagesIs societies violence the medias fault? This is the question that has been asked since before television was in every Americans house. Of course there are the different types of media today ranging from newspapers, to on-line reports and stories. There have been arguments upon arguments about this issue, and over 3,000 studies conducted. Unfortunately there isnt one single result, there is only an array of supposed answers to this undying question. CBS president, Howard Stringer is pointing toRead MoreMedia Violence And Its Effects On Today s Society2184 Words   |  9 Pages Media violence, in some cases, can be a real issue in today s society. However, we can not blame all of the reality violence on media portrayals. Media violence is just as it sounds, the art of violence through media. The official definition of media violence is visual portrayals of acts of physical aggression by one human or human-like character against another (L. RowellHuesmann). As there are many things that can promote violence in today s world, this could be part of the reason that whatRead MoreMedia Violence And Its Effects On Today s Society2168 Words   |  9 PagesEssay Two Media violence, in some cases, can be a real issue in today s society. However, we can not blame all of the reality violence on media portrayals. Media Violence is just as it sounds, the art of violence through media. (1)The official definition of media violence is visual portrayals of acts of physical aggression by one human or human-like character against another. As there are many things that can promote violence in the world we live in today, this could be part of the reason that

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The Tin Mans Toxic Metal Makeup

Ray Bolger originally was cast to play the Tin Man in the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz. He traded roles with Buddy Ebsen, who had initially been cast to play the Scarecrow. Ebsen recorded all his songs, finished four weeks of rehearsal, and completed costuming before the filming of the movie. MGM tested several types of costumes and makeup to make the Tin Man appear silvery. They tried covering Ebsen with tin, silvery paper, and silver cloth-covered cardboard. Finally, they decided to go with white face paint coated with aluminum dust. Lung Failure and Hospitalization Nine days into filming, Ebsen started to experience shortness of breath and cramping that sent him to the hospital. At one point his lungs failed. He remained hospitalized for two weeks during which the films producer hired actor Jake Haley to  replace him. Haleys makeup was reformulated into a paste that was painted on. Haley missed four days of filming when the makeup caused an eye infection, but he did not suffer any permanent damage, nor did he lose his job. Still, Ebsen may have had the last laugh: He outlived both Bolger and Haley—living to the ripe old age of 95 and dying in 2003, more than half a century after The Wizard was released. Fun Fact Ebsens recording of Were Off to See the Wizard with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion was used in the films soundtrack. Dont Suffer the Tin Mans Fate While there are several toxic chemicals found in cosmetics, you wont get sick wearing metallic makeup today. Safe Tin Man makeup is available, or better yet, make your own with homemade white grease paint coated with metallic glitter or Mylar.

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The Fundamentals of Macroeconomics Free Essays

Before being able to grasp what economics has to offer it is important to understand the terms and concepts that are frequently used in economic. This paper will consist of two parts, part one will explain six terms; gross domestic product (GDP), real GDP, nominal GDP, unemployment rate, inflation rate, and finally interest rate. Part two will consist of describing how three economic activities, such as purchasing of groceries, massive layoff of employees, and decrease in taxes. We will write a custom essay sample on The Fundamentals of Macroeconomics or any similar topic only for you Order Now There will also be a few different examples that affect government, households, and businesses. (Part one) Start by describing the six economic terms. Gross domestic product (GDP) is the most used economic measure when it comes to determining the value of goods and services that are produced in a given year (Colander, 2010). There are four categories to GDP’s consumption, government spending, investments, and net exports. The GDP reflects the total amount of both goods and services that were bought and sold, and there for can measure a country standard of living. It does not account for any goods or services that they may have in other countries. Real gross domestic product (RDP) is the final value that is given to a product or service based on the current economy. This type of GDP adjusts with the price levels in order to produce a more accurate number. Nominal gross domestic product (NDP) is the gross domestic product without taking into account inflation and can be misleading because appear to be higher than it really is because it has not been adjusted for inflation. Unemployment rate is the amount of people that are not employed and are looking for work. This reflects only the people who are ability to work, willing to work, and are looking for employment. Inflation rate is a level price of goods and services increasing. Inflation causes the value of the dollar to decrease meaning that people have less purchasing power. The increase in this rate is usually calculated annually, but can also be requested monthly. Interest rate is the percentage charged on loans and is charged annually. The higher the risk the borrower is the higher the interest rate this could be because of past experiences, late payments or not paying at all. If the borrower is low risk, then the interest rate will be low. (Part two) There are many activates that affect businesses, household, and government economies, here are three and examples of how purchasing of groceries, massive layoff of employees, and decrease in taxes. The purchasing of groceries by customers controls supply and demand. When the economy is good customers buy more there is greater chances of businesses making a profit, and when the economy is in a recession customer buying power is low. The recession and customers not buying groceries businesses will have to lay people off. The purchasing of groceries also affects the government because the government receives sales tax on the purchase of these items. A massive layoff of employees will cause the unemployment rate to go up, and when people have been layoff they purchase less and collect unemployment. This affects businesses because demand of products and services are down, and they are not making as mush product as they once did. The household is effect with no money coming in they cannot pay their bills, or supply what the family needs to live. The government is affected because the people that were laid off are collecting unemployment from the government. Decrease in taxes happens sometimes when the government has to intervene to slow down or try to reverse a recession. The government uses this policy to lower taxes to get people more money to spend so businesses can make products. When a business is producing products they are able to buy their workers and hopefully be able to hire more workers to help meet demand. With the decrease of taxes the government will have less money coming in for schools, to fix the streets, etc. Economics is a constant cycle people have to work to make money to buy things that the household needs. Businesses need workers to produce products  or services, which they are paid to do. The government relies on the taxes from workers, and businesses. Whenever money is spent there is going to be someone at a loss and someone at a gain, but it seems to always to come around full circle. How to cite The Fundamentals of Macroeconomics, Papers

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Understand The Culture And Business Activities †

Question: Discuss about the Understand The Culture And Business Activities. Answer: The essay talks about the significance of the culture while conducting the business activities and operations at international level. It explains that how culture affects the international business. Thus, the company needs to understand the culture of the different countries to evaluate and measure themarketing strategies and policies of the overseas country. There are various impacts of the culture on the international business. It affects the overall activities of the business adversely. In todays era business activities and operations are affected by the globalization of the economy. Globalization may be defined as a process where the social, cultural and economic activities are carried out across national borders. It is the process which does not bring equal and similar benefits to all the participants. The globalization focuses and monitors of its actions and attitudes in some division of the economic activity and some countries and region rather than acting everywhere. The international business across the world has become easier due to major changes in global politics, technology, educational opportunities. Thus, if the company operates and executes its business at a global level then culture affects the business operation of the firm (Samaha, Beck Palmatier, 2014). The culture is the sum of habits, beliefs, behaviors, and symbols that are crossed from generation to generation. Further, religion, communication, and languages are the elements of the culture which affect the international business. In addition, culture defines is a set of accepted and common rules and norms shared by the society. But in international business, these norms and rules could be quite different and difficult for colleague and employee in the overseas country. The three core areas of international business include communication, organizational hierarchy, and etiquette. Every organization has its different and distinct culture thus, manager and employees should understand and evaluate the organizational culture to develop and build meaningful strategies and policies (Brannen, Piekkari Tietze, 2014). The effective and unique organizational culture helps to increase efficiency and effectiveness across the world. It also helps to overcome on its competitors within the orga nization. An organization cannot use current methods and strategies of their own nation while conducting business at international level. Every region follows different culture, religion, rules, and regulations. When the company starts its business globally then various challenges and obstacles are faced by the company. It can affect the entire business operation of the firm. Further, culture can influence the business activities in different ways. The culture collisions and pricing difficulties arise while conducting business at international business. There are some recommendations have been given which should keep in mind before and during conducting at the global level (Ambos Hkanson, 2014). It is important that the company should inform about the customs and manners of the new culture before entering in the foreign region. The foreign culture differs from the home country thus it affects the business co-operation and activities in the foreign country. The organizational cultur e is significant and vital for the managers and top management which should be considered in the process of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards and feedback. The relation between levels of job satisfaction is the strong and excellent in the UK but it is weak in Japan. In this way, the international managers and top management will find it hard to motivate and encourage staff and employees through incentives and rewards. Sometimes, the companies do not understand the culture of the foreign country thus; the companies are not able to understand the expectations, needs, and requirements of the customers in overseas. They are not able to gain the competitive advantages and other benefits in the market (Poulis, Poulis Plakoyiannaki, 2013). The greater cross-cultural distance and difference in global companies can have negative and adverse effects in a foreign country and it hurts the goodwill and reputation of the country. Thus, the company does not provide satisfaction to the customers in the foreign market. As a result, the company has to bear ample of loss in the foreign market. Thus, the companies need to understand and evaluate the cultural values, rules, policies, and methods of a foreign country to operate and implement business activities effectively and efficiently (Turr, Urbano Peris-Ortiz, 2014). In international business, globalization also affects the business activities and cooperation negatively. Through globalization, the communities are failed to preserve their old custom, culture, and tradition. Thus, it affects the international business processes and policies negatively. Further, local industries could not compete and battle with their universal counterpart across the world. In addition, globalization is responsible to provide good working conditions to the labors but sometimes it is not able to provide such conditions to the employees thus it affects the business activities adversely. Thus, the culture plays a significant role while conducting business cooperation at international level (Turr, Urbano Peris-Ortiz, 2014). The companies need to evaluate the different cultural aspects to run the business smoothly at the global level. They should manage the various cultural differences across the world. The success and growth of the company depend on the culture, values , and customs of the foreign country. The culture plays a significant role to understand and measure the preferences, tastes, and requirements of the customers in the overseas country. It makes easy to adjust its advertising policies, product development, promotions and location of the local community. The culture also plays a vital role in personnel management across the world (Sousa Filipe Lages, 2011). Culture is important to understand themarketing strategy and policies of the foreign country. Through assessment of the cultural differences; the company can fulfill the needs and requirements of the customers in the world. It also helps to gain long-term revenue and profits across the world (Krasnova, Veltri Gnther, 2012). The cross culture is very consequent for the global business. The firms can build and develop effective and unique relations by understanding and evaluating the different countries culture. The company cannot run the business activities in foreign countries wi thout knowing and understanding the culture of different nations (Akaka, Vargo Lusch, 2013). Further, marketing strategies and approaches cannot be done without understanding the culture of the foreign country. On the above discussion, it has been analyzed that culture plays an integral role in international business. The companies must understand and evaluate the cultural differences of the various countries across the world. In this way, the companies can expand and flourish its business at international level. References Akaka, M. A., Vargo, S. L., Lusch, R. F. (2013). The complexity of context: A service ecosystems approach for international marketing.Journal of Marketing Research,21(4), 1-20. Ambos, B., Hkanson, L. (2014). The concept of distance in international management research.Journal of International Management,20(1), 1-7. Brannen, M. Y., Piekkari, R., Tietze, S. (2014). The multifaceted role of language in international business: Unpacking the forms, functions and features of a critical challenge to MNC theory and performance. Krasnova, H., Veltri, N. F., Gnther, O. (2012). Self-disclosure and privacy calculus on social networking sites: The role of culture.Business Information Systems Engineering,4(3), 127-135. Naranjo-Valencia, J. C., Jimnez-Jimnez, D., Sanz-Valle, R. (2011). Innovation or imitation? The role of organizational culture.Management Decision,49(1), 55-72. Poulis, K., Poulis, E., Plakoyiannaki, E. (2013). The role of context in case study selection: An international business perspective.International Business Review,22(1), 304-314. Samaha, S. A., Beck, J. T., Palmatier, R. W. (2014). The role of culture in international relationship marketing.Journal of Marketing,78(5), 78-98. Sousa, C. M., Filipe Lages, L. (2011). The PD scale: a measure of psychic distance and its impact on international marketing strategy.International Marketing Review,28(2), 201-222. Turr, A., Urbano, D., Peris-Ortiz, M. (2014). Culture and innovation: The moderating effect of cultural values on corporate entrepreneurship.Technological Forecasting and Social Change,88, 360-369.